JT and XSV partners again for 2011


JT and Sacramento XSV – Partners Again for 2011

Sewell, NJ, February 3rd, 2011, JT Paintball. JT and XSV announce that they partner for the 2011 season.

“It’s like coming home,” said Rich Telford of Sacramento XSV. “Our team has been connected to JT for so long and the passion for the brand runs so deep, that we couldn’t be happier to be back. The JT brand is legendary and truly one of the pioneer brands in our sport. The fact that JT is committed to driving new participants to the sport we love was something XSV had to be a part of – from design, development, testing, and overall involvement with the brand.

“JT has built a tremendous product and marketing plan focused at driving new participants to Paintball. Growing participation and sharing our passion for our sport with a new generation of players is what we are all about”, says Junior Brown of Sacramento XSV. “The fact that significant marketing dollars are being put behind growing the sport is something long over-due and we can’t wait to help put paintball back on the map!”

A legacy brand with a rich heritage, JT has continued to provide safety, comfort, and innovation, through the introduction of quality entry to mid level products, geared at the novice player, in the sporting goods and mass retail channels. In 2011, the JT marketing plans at retail includes parking lot demonstrations, promoting local paintball events and fields, and driving new customers to fields to play through the Free Rookie Pass.

“XSV is a perfect match for JT – they understand the brand, the focus, and the importance of growing paintball from the ground up,” said Jason A. Taitano, VP of Marketing. “The XSV team will be active ambassadors for the sport and will create a tremendous link between our retail partners, the new player and the established paintball market.”

Earlier this week it was announced that XSV will be shooting the Empire AXE. With JT now sponsoring the team with player gear, the team is now fully sponsored and ready to make an impact in 2011. The team will also be shooting Empire RPS Paint and using Empire Prophecy loaders.

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