X-Men - 2013 Sponsored Like a Pro Paintball Team


Team Roster:

Team Captain: Ricky "XXX" Price

Eddie "Wolverine" Perez, Front

Nicole "Storm" Radank, Medic/Back

Tim "Spider" Patten, Sniper

Robert "Nightcrawler" Patten, Mid

George "Beast" Moon, Front

Phil "Gambit" Hammerle, Front

Tripp "Warpath" Griggs, Back

Floyd "Bishop" Bobb, Back


Sponsoring Store/Field:

Wayne's World of Paintbball

Ocala, Florida



2013 Events:

Greg Hastings Tour of Duty @ Old River 2/23/13

Shadow Wars The Kinghts Deception @ Hurricane 04/05/13

Generals Cup 2013 @ Gator Paintball 04/13/13

Underwolrd @ Waynes World

Call 4 Duty @ Waynes World

Grand Finale @ Waynes World 11/29-12/01/13


Team Webiste:


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