Worr Games Paintball

Worr Games Paintball - Empire Paintball Legacy BrandWorr Game Products (WGO) was founded in 1987 by Bud Orr in his garage in Corona, California.  WGP is best known for the Autococker line of paintball markers due to their using an actuated closed bolt system when most competitors were using an open bolt format.  WGP is one of the oldest companies in paintball with Bud’s first markers, the Commando and Ranger, being clones of the Nelson marker.

Bud’s next designs were based on the Sheridan marker, where with the addition of a removable barrel was named the Sniper.  Later versions attached pneumatics to the front of the marker and was named the Sniper II… the Autococker was born.

The explosive growth of paintball through the 1990s was dominated by the Autococker and Airgun Designs’ Automag markers.  WGP continued to refine the operation and streamline the designs while claiming to be the “most accurate marker in the world” due to its closed bolt system.  This spawned other companies to spawn “cocker” clones and steal marker share from WGP.

In 2004, the Orr family sold WGP to K2 Inc, the parent company that owned the JT, Viewloader and Brass Eagle paintball brands.  For K2, this gave them access to the high-end marker segment that was missing from their product portfolio.  K2 focused on more low-to-mid level products and WGP began to offer lesser models at lower prices to increase overall sales.

In 2007, WGP pushed for a resurgence with the Karnivore, Worrlaord and the Autococker SR models.  These were accepted well, but the release of the open bolt markers Synergy and MG7 caused confusion amongst the Autococker following.  K2 Inc was sold to Jarden in 2008 and shortly after, the financial crises enveloped the paintball industry hard as it spread through the country and outward to the world.

With an overall trend in the market to the lighter and more readily available open bolt designs, a lack of innovation since Bud Orr left the company and a lackluster response to the new Trilogy models, WGP lost most market share to newer manufacturers like Planet Eclipse and Smart Parts.  In 2008, WGP had stopped production of any new markers and sold off any remaining stock and parts to distributors.

In 2010, Jarden sold their paintball brands to KEE Action Sports, maker of the paintball brands RPS, Evil, XO, Pure Energy, Invert, Empire, Extreme Rage and Halo, creating the largest paintball company in the industry.  KEE Action Sports consolidated their many brands and decided to discontinue making any products under the WGP name.

The designs of Bud Orr live on in the Empire Sniper pump marker, which incorporates the Autococker technology and continues the outstanding legacy created by WGP.