Win with Empire Paintball

Win with Empire and RPS Paint in 2012!

During the 2011 tournament season, teams who played with Empire products and/or shot RPS paint at all of the PSP and NPPL events simply dominated the podium. If you aspire to be the best, then begin using what the rest are using to get them to Sunday.

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A BIG congrads goes out to Dynasty for their accomplishments this year as being crowned the

2011 PSP and NPPL Season Champions


RPS, Empire 2011 PSP and NPPL Tournament Results

Event Division Place Team RPS Empire Axe
2011 NPPL VegasProSeries WinnerDynastyXX
2011 NPPL VegasPro2ndDynastyXX
2011 NPPL VegasPro3rdImpactX
2011 NPPL VegasDiv 1Series WinnerImpact EchoX
2011 NPPL VegasDiv 11stDynasty 2XX
2011 NPPL VegasDiv 12ndLouisville SluggersX
2011 NPPL VegasDiv 13rdImpact EchoX
2011 NPPL VegasDiv 21stTop Gun EvolutionXX
2011 NPPL VegasDiv 22ndLSD SavageXXX
2011 NPPL VegasDiv 23rdVanguard FactoryX
2011 NPPL VegasDiv 31stGood for NothingX
2011 NPPL VegasDiv 34thPaintball AddixX
2011 NPPL VegasDiv 4 5m1stCentermass HawaiiXXX
2011 NPPL VegasDiv 4 5m3rdUNLV RebelsX
2011 NPPL VegasDiv 4 7m4thHigh IntensityX
2011 NPPL VegasPump1stFront Kick to the SternumX
2011 NPPL VegasPump2ndLA Hitmen.comX
2011 NPPL VegasPump3rdTotal GriefX
2011 NPPL Vegas Pump 4th Zero X
2011 PSP World Cup Pro 3rd Dynasty X X
2011 PSP World CupPro4thViciousXX
2011 PSP World CupDiv 11stUpton 187 CrewXX
2011 PSP World CupDiv 12ndT1 Topgun UnionXXX
2011 PSP World CupDiv 13rdVCK
2011 PSP World CupDiv 14thNew Jersey JestersX
2011 PSP World CupDiv 2 RT21stPR Crew
2011 PSP World CupDiv 31stLast CallX
2011 PSP World CupDiv 3 RT21stRevoX
2011 PSP World CupDiv 43rdImperialX
2011 PSP World CupDiv 41stRevo IIXXX
2011 PSP World CupDiv 4 RT22nd406 Finest
2011 PSP World CupDiv 5 RT22ndCPZ
2011 PSP World Cup Masters 1st Fluffy Bunnies
2011 NPPL DC Pro 1st Legend X X X
2011 NPPL DCPro3rdUprisingX
2011 NPPL DCPump1stTotal GriefX
2011 NPPL DCDiv 12ndWarped ArmyX
2011 NPPL DCDiv 21stTCP MachineXX
2011 NPPL DCDiv 22ndMarine Team OneX
2011 NPPL DCDiv 23rdTop Gun EvolutionXX
2011 NPPL DCDiv 24thCambridge RaidersX
2011 NPPL DCDiv 32ndBoom IIX
2011 NPPL DCDiv 33rdMBAX
2011 NPPL DCDiv 34thJusticeX
2011 NPPL DCDiv 41stHazeX
2011 NPPL DCDiv 43rdIron LegionX
2011 NPPL DCDiv 44thIron Legion MAPLX
2011 NPPL DCPump1stTotal GriefX
2011 PSP New JerseyPro2ndDynastyXX
2011 PSP New JerseyDiv 11stUpton 187 CrewXX
2011 PSP New JerseyDiv 12ndT1 Topgun UnionXXX
2011 PSP New JerseyDiv 13rdHurricanesX
2011 PSP New JerseyDiv 14thAssaultXXX
2011 PSP New JerseyDiv 21stStaticXX
2011 PSP New JerseyDiv 22ndBoom IIXX
2011 PSP New JerseyDiv 24thRhythmX
2011 PSP New JerseyDiv 31stTeam No NameX
2011 PSP New JerseyDiv 32ndRevoXX
2011 PSP New JerseyDiv 33rdNCPA All-StarsX
2011 PSP New JerseyDiv 34thBoom IIX
2011 PSP New JerseyDiv 41stRevo IIXXX
2011 PSP New JerseyDiv 42ndCentral Florida PaintballXX
2011 PSP New JerseyDiv 43rdNorth Texas ShockwaveXX
2011 PSP New JerseyDiv 44thNew Jersey Jesters KidsX
2011 PSP New JerseyDiv 3 RT21stPlan BX
2011 PSP New JerseyDiv 3 RT23rdSeek and DestroyX
2011 PSP New JerseyDiv 3 RT24thRichmond RageX
2011 PSP New JerseyDiv 4 RT22ndGSP All-StarsX
2011 PSP New JerseyDiv 4 RT23rdEdge Army IIX
2011 PSP New Jersey Div 4 RT2 4th Galveston Island Paintball X
2011 PSP Chicago Pro 2nd Dynasty X X
2011 PSP ChicagoPro3rdImpactX
2011 PSP ChicagoDiv 11stHurricanesX
2011 PSP ChicagoDiv 12ndNew Jersey JestersX
2011 PSP ChicagoDiv 13rdAssaultXXX
2011 PSP ChicagoDiv 14thUpton 187 CrewXX
2011 PSP ChicagoDiv 22ndWolfpackX
2011 PSP ChicagoDiv 23rdDOW WarbergX
2011 PSP ChicagoDiv 32ndBoom IIX
2011 PSP ChicagoDiv 33rdAnnihilators EdgeXX
2011 PSP ChicagoDiv 34thRapinasX
2011 PSP ChicagoDiv 41stImperialX
2011 PSP ChicagoDiv 42ndCentral Florida PaintballXX
2011 PSP ChicagoDiv 43rdNorth Texas ShockwaveXX
2011 PSP ChicagoDiv 44thMomentumX
2011 PSP ChicagoDiv 3 RT22ndSeek and DestroyX
2011 PSP ChicagoDiv 3 RT24thLast CallX
2011 PSP ChicagoDiv 4 RT21stRevo IIXXX
2011 PSP Chicago Pump 1st Total Grief X
2011 NPPL Chicago Pro 1st Dynasty X X
2011 NPPL ChicagoPro3rdUprisingX
2011 NPPL ChicagoPro4thImpactX
2011 NPPL ChicagoDiv 11stDynasty 2XX
2011 NPPL ChicagoDiv 12ndTexas StormXX
2011 NPPL ChicagoDiv 14thCritical Wrecking CrewXXX
2011 NPPL ChicagoDiv 22ndLSD SavageXXX
2011 NPPL ChicagoDiv 23rdMarine Team OneX
2011 NPPL ChicagoDiv 24thTop Gun EvolutionXX
2011 NPPL ChicagoDiv 32ndTKO BlackoutX
2011 NPPL ChicagoDiv 33rdBoom IIX
2011 NPPL ChicagoDiv 41stCentermass HawaiiXXX
2011 NPPL ChicagoDiv 42ndAsylum BallerzXX
2011 NPPL ChicagoDiv 43rdToxicXXX
2011 NPPL ChicagoDiv 44thUniversity of MichiganX
2011 NPPL ChicagoPump1stTotal GriefX
2011 NPPL ChicagoPump2ndZeroX
2011 NPPL ChicagoPump3rdMilwaukee ThrowbackX
2011 NPPL Chicago Pump 4th CPX All Stars X
2011 NPPL Huntington Pro 1st Dynasty X X
2011 NPPL HuntingtonPro2ndXSVXXX
2011 NPPL HuntingtonPro4thLegendXXX
2011 NPPL HuntingtonDiv 11stCritical Wrecking CrewXXX
2011 NPPL HuntingtonDiv 12ndWarped ArmyX
2011 NPPL HuntingtonDiv 21stTombstoneXX
2011 NPPL HuntingtonDiv 22ndPBGatewayXX
2011 NPPL HuntingtonDiv 24thMarine Team OneX
2011 NPPL HuntingtonDiv 32ndMinionsXXX
2011 NPPL HuntingtonDiv 33rdChicagolandXX
2011 NPPL HuntingtonDiv 34thH8 FactoryXX
2011 NPPL HuntingtonDiv 42ndCentermass HawaiiXXX
2011 NPPL HuntingtonDiv 43rdToxicXXX
2011 NPPL HuntingtonPump1stTotal GriefX
2011 NPPL Huntington Pump 2nd LA X
2011 PSP Galveston Pro 1st Dynasty X X
2011 PSP GalvestonPro3rdInfamousXXX
2011 PSP GalvestonDiv 12ndUpton 187 CrewXX
2011 PSP GalvestonDiv 13rdT1 Topgun UnionXXX
2011 PSP GalvestonDiv 14thHuSTLeX
2011 PSP GalvestonDiv 22ndStaticXX
2011 PSP GalvestonDiv 31stRevoX
2011 PSP GalvestonDiv 32ndLA HeatXX
2011 PSP GalvestonDiv 42ndCentral Florida PaintballXX
2011 PSP GalvestonDiv 43rdMomentumX
2011 PSP GalvestonDiv 3 RT21stLA SWATXX
2011 PSP GalvestonDiv 3 RT22ndRichmond RageX
2011 PSP GalvestonDiv 3 RT23rdFATEX
2011 PSP GalvestonDiv 4 RT21stAvid Extreme Sports MilitiaXX
2011 PSP GalvestonDiv 4 RT22ndLSD IIXXX
2011 PSP GalvestonDiv 4 RT23rdBrutality RedXX