Ben TV

Ever wonder what a day in the life of the infamous Ben Tippmann would be like? Well you’re lucky! Today, we were lucky enough to catch the elusive Ben in his natural environment. Watch as Ben makes easy work of all the daily tasks at the Empire Battle Tested paintball headquarters. It is a little known fact that if you listen closely while Ben is hard at work you can hear his personal theme music. For your viewing pleasure we enhanced that said theme so we all can enjoy…

Watch Part I of a four part mini-series from the most lovable paintball character around the world, Ben Tippmann. See Ben hard at work at the Empire Battle Tested Headquarters.

Part II of the four part mini-series of BenTV takes place in the Empire Battle Tested Board Room between Ben the Executive and Ben the Woodsballer during a dream sequence.

Part III of the four part mini-series of BenTV features Ben hunting down employees at the Empire Battle Tested Headquarters with the new Empire AXE marker.

Part IV – The final installment of BENTV featuring Ben Tippmann has him providing his thoughts on merging BT Paintball into the Empire Paintball family.