Vancouver Vendetta shoots the Empire Axe Paintball Marker in 2011


Vancouver Vendetta Shoots the Empire AXE in 2011!

Sewell, NJ, February 21, 2011, Empire Paintball. Empire Paintball announced today that Vancouver Vendetta will be shooting the Empire AXE paintball marker and will be head to toe Empire in 2011.

"The core of Vancouver Vendetta professional paintball team has been together for over 9 years now and we have always shot RPS paint in our Canadian CPPL Series," said Team Captain, Mike McDonald. "It was natural for us to shoot the new AXE marker paintball gun – it’s fast, light, compact, and shoots crazy straight. From the first time we shot it in testing, we have been amazed at its performance. Our relationship with Empire Paintball has always been strong and we are delighted to continue our relationship."

Over the last month, Empire Paintball has announced that other pro paintball teams Los Angeles Infamous, Sacramento XSV, and Chicago Legend will also be shooting the AXE Paintball Marker for the season.

  • Extended grip and trigger frame and ergonomic grip for maximum comfort
  • Smooth and stable firing platform with feather light kick
  • Easy maintenance with unique push-button bolt out back design
  • Adjustable bearing trigger with micro-switch activation
  • On/Off ASA with integrated pressure regulator

"We are very pleased to have Vendetta shooting the Empire AXE paintball marker," said KEE’s International Sales Manager, Eric Kruger. "Having them dressed head to toe Empire paintball gear and shooting an AXE paintball marker is sweet music to my ears."

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