Thunder Bay defiance - 2013 Get Sponsored Like a Pro Paintball Team


Team Bio:

Founded in 2004, Thunder Bay Defiance has been defunct between 2009-2012.  In 2013, after a split with their former team, the current leadership of Thunder Bay Defiance decided to revive the name for the 2013 season to make a competitive run.  This team is a mix of tournament veterans and rookie blood, and will endeavor to make KEE/Empire and the rest of their sponsors proud in regional and international competition this upcoming year.

Team Roster:
Team Captain :

Andre Burgoyne

Team Manager :

Greg Tinsley

Team Tech/ Promotions Manager

Andrew Green

Sean Ponder

Jono Walsh

Colin Delea

Mark Munro

Stephan Rouhiainen

Planned Events:
PSP Chicago

Sponsoring Store/Field:

Maier Hardware & Paintball

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

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