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The Empire Super Freak APEX2 tip brings together two incredible barrel technologies.  When mated with the Super Freak barrel back and inserts, you have an incredibly accurate barrel with increased air efficiency.  The APEX2 tip allows you to customize your ball flight to hit any target.  Set the tip in one direction and the ball can make left turns to hit players behind trees.  Turn it again, aim upwards and drop shots onto player hiding behind bunkers.  Turn it again and the backspin gives you extended range to hit those players who think their "out of range".  Hit any target on the field accurately and consistently with the APEX2 barrel.


  • Barrel tip only, requires Super Freak Barrel Back and Inserts (sold seperately)
  • Includes complete APEX2 barrel for shaping shots
    • The APEX2 barrel creates spin to curve the paintball in a desired direction
    • Hit concealed targets with left or right turning shots or drop shots
    • Give the paintball backspin for increased range longballs
    • Selector switch controls amount of ball spin
  • Dust black color


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