SD APEs - 2013 Sponsored Like a Pro Paintball Team

Team Bio:

Our primary goal of promoting our sport has been more than exciting. With everything from raffles to beginner games and events to b-day prizes for new players, we have had the pleasure of watching players learn and enjoy our sport, and coming back for more. This year we hope to host our own tournament along with everything else. Our paintball club has been getting discounts and events for people in our vicinity to help the long term players. On top of that, we had an awesome 2012 season with finishes from 1st to 5th. We plan on playing more tournaments and spreading the love of our sport!



Felipe “Eddie” Zatarain (Manager and Owner)

Michael Jordan

Mark Macagba

Karl Kirker

Joseph Schallock

Derek Rousseau

Nick Sanchez

Matthew Jorge

Parker Schaeffer

John Rice

Cole Rice

Will Lavin

Alex Wilson

Shamil Galiendes

Drew Christensen

Brandon Weissman


Hiatus (deployment, school, etc.):

Travis Bones

Austin Sansing

Tim Sansing

Alex Wankier

Erick Wynhammer



Sponsoring Store/Field:

Golden State Sports

San Diego, CA


Team Website:


Events for 2013:

Almost Famous Paintball League (PSP Feeder) Dates TBD.

Those will be our main tournaments (5-man). We will also be doing a few smaller ones (AFPL 3-man and a few independent ones) and maybe a few scenario events.

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