Rod Squad - Sponsored Like A Pro Team

Rod Squad - Get Sponsored Like A Pro Paintball Team - Empire Paintball

Rod Squad - Paintball Team Biography:

We are a solid group of players that are friends.  Paintball is a tremendous part of who we all are.  We give it our all every practice and every event.  We like to think we do it the right way.  We are organized and very competitive.

Rod Squad - Paintball Team Roster:

Mike Prior Jr.
Mike Milliard
Jared Yager
Charles Dejesus
Mike Makara
Josh Enderle
Josh Jackson
Sam Enderle
Dan Smith
John Stingle
Matt Idarola
Chris Mapley

Paintball Events:
August 10th – 12th PSP MAO  FOXBALL B est of New England at Maynard paintball November 3rd. 

Sponsoring Paintball Store/Field: Fox4 paintball in Upton, MA