Phi Wasted - Sponsored Like A Pro Paintball Team

Phi Wasted - Paintball Team Roster:
Captain: TJ 'Roadstyle' Rodee - Mid/Front

Colin 'Colonial Soldier' O'Neill - Front

Curt 'Curty P' Patrick - Front

Vinnie 'Vin Sanity' Gailloreto - Mid/Back

Adam 'Z-Nasty' Zamora - Mid/Back

Andy 'Andy Man' Rasico - Insert

Matt 'FN' Huisman - Mid

Kyle 'Raykwon' Guetschow - Mid/Back

Paontball Events:
1-The Edge Season Opener
2- Cancer Under Siege (The Siege Paintball cancer benefit scenario game)
3- Living Legends (CPX Sports)
4- The Colony (Fox Paintball)
5- Oklahoma D-Day (D-Day Adventure Park)
6- Mission Impossible (The Edge)
7- Rumble in the Jungle (Splat Tag)
8- BT Big Game (Breakaway Paintball)
9- Training Day (Fox Paintball)
10- Any Brew City Paintball event

Sponsoring Paintball Store/Field:

The Edge Experience
5946 US Hwy 51 South Janesville WI 53546
Owner: John Goepfert (608) 436-9190

Paintball Team Info: 

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