Battle Tested Bungee Sling

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Playing paintball requires a lot of gear. Hauling that gear all day can be tiring. Carrying you marker doesn’t have to be when using the Empire Battle Tested Bungee Sling. The bungee sling mounts to your marker using a quick release carabiner and frees your hands from transporting the paintball gun. A built-in bungee absorbs shock and keeps the marker from bouncing around. The fully adjustable strap allows the Battled Tested Paintball Bungee Sling to fit any size player and the single point of attachment allows quick unimpeded action. Improve your comfort and performance using the Bungee Sling.

  • Hands free marker sling
  • Built in bungee for shock absorption
  • Quick release carabiner
  • Fully adjustable strap
  • Single mounting point for quick action

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