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Empire Pro Paintball Team - Vendetta
Vendetta Paintball Team

Vancouver Vendetta was formed in 2004 as a Division 2 team in the BCPPL (now CPPL). Vendetta played its fair share of American National events, but really focused on dominating the western Canadian paintball scene in 7man for a few years. The only big challenge left for the team was to break into the NPPL Professional division. In Vendettas first Pro event ever they cruised into Sunday with a impressive debut into the toughest paintball division on the planet. Vendetta has picked up a few more pieces of the puzzle for the 2011 season, including a couple former seasoned Canadian Pro players.

The name Vendetta was borrowed from the (first Canadian Pro player) Mike Carey’s old team. We proudly try and live up to it’s name at each and every event.

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