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Chicago Legend

CHICAGO LEGEND UPDATE: Pro paintball team Chicago Legend - The 2011 NPPL DC Challenge Pro Division Champions - Legend once again wore Empire Paintball Gear and shot the Empire AXE paintball marker.

Chicago Legend Pro Paintball Team Wins 2011 DC NPPL paintball event.

The Empire AXE Paintball marker is truly the Perfect Player's Marker. In the 2011 tournament season, Empire Pro Teams in all divisions are taking the podium shooting the newest marker from Empire Paintball that was built for precision.  Get your digits around one of these to increase your chances of making it Sunday too!

Available in Dust Black, Dust Grey/Silver, Dust Olive and the newest Limited Edition Ice paintball marker!

Chicago Legend Shoots the Empire AXE Paintball gun in 2011! - click here to read the official Empire Paintball Press Release

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