ER3 Player Parts Kit

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Parts to keep your ER3 functioning at peak performance. 265 parts to keep your marker working for a long time.

Hammer x2
Velocity Screw x2
Valve x3
Blue Hammer O-Ring x10
Ball Detent x10
Barrel O-Ring x10
Ball Detent Screw x10
Cocking Rod Spring x2
ASA O-ring x5
Bolt Pin x3
Spring Guide x2
Velocity Screw O-Ring x10
Valve Set Screw x4
Rear Trigger Frame Screw x10
Sear x4
Safety Ball x8
Safety Spring x8
Sear Spring x8
Sear/Trigger Pin x8
Grip Screws x10
Cup Seal Assembly x5
O-Ring (015-Ur) x20
Bottomline SS Screw x12
90° Elbow x2
6.25" SS Hose x2
Vertical ASA Screw x4
Front Trigger Frame Screw x10
Valve Spring x5
Screen Filter x3
End Cap x2
Bolt x2
Ball Detent Cap Left x4
Ball Detent Cap Right x4
Trigger x2
Trigger Pawl Assembly x5
Safety Slide x5
Trigger Spring x5
Clamp Lever - Silver x2
Clamp Nut x3
Clamp Screw x5
End Cap O-Ring (016-ur) x5
End Cap O-ring (M2x14-buna) x5
ASA x2
Sear Release Slide x5
Field Strip Pin x5
Rear Block (with recoil pad) x2
Cocking Rod (rod, handle and pin) x2
Sear Spring Pin x3
Hammer Spring x5


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