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The Empire Prophecy has been replaced with the Empire Prophecy Z2 Loader. Check out the hottest new loader from Empire here.Product Information:Empire Paintball presents the New and Improved Empire Prophecy Paintball Loader System. Still made from durable and ultra-strong polycarbonate material, you can feel secure that it can take some hits and keep working. We replaced the current plastic feedneck with a new and improved Aluminum Feedneck to give the paintball loader the added reinforcement needed during paintball or woodsball play. We also added a new Drive Belt which will give your paintball loader the ability to operate at its optimal performance.

  • New Aluminum Feedneck for added reinforcement
  • New Drive Belt System for Improved Performance
  • No Tools Required for assembly and dis-assembly
  • Multiple Accessories-Quick Feed Lid, Snap Friction Lid, 200 Count and Two Full Pod Front Bodies, 9-Volt Conversion Kit and the new LTD Upgrade Kit
  • Sound Activation and/or RF (Radio Frequency) Activation with 6 speed settings
  • Available in Smoke or Black

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Anonymous says:
Wed, 06/06/2012 - 17:17
Average: 4 (1 vote)
This is a fantastic loader. It has a very solid construction that can take the abuse of diving and being shot. One con I found was that it is pretty trick to put back together, especially compared to the Z2 loader (which is great!). It has a good feed rate and the sound activation is nice,, along with the solid rip drive that won't break. I recommend this loader to anybody looking to get a quality hopper at a quality price.
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