JT eVLution 3 Paintball Loader

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The JT eVLution 3 Loader is SOLD OUT. Contact your local Authorized JT Paintball Dealer for availability.

The JT eVLution III with Z-Board force feed electronic paintball loader won't starve your paintball marker, no matter how fast you shoot. The eVLution III with Z-Board features a feed rate that matches a paintball marker's optimal fire rate up to 23 paintballs per second, a specially designed jam free feeding propeller with new flexible blades, a stronger spring loaded curved door which opens down, acting as a funnel for faster fills and less spills. It also includes a high impact resistant shell and longer feed neck with an LED low-battery indicator, and a IR sensor controlling on/off propeller actuation with battery saving circuitry. Its Vision System recognizes dark or black shell paintballs. The eVLution III's easy cleaning design takes after the VL Revolution's field proven construction.

  • 200 ball count capacity
  • 23 BPS feed rate
  • 6 blade flexible jam free paddle
  • "Spill Proof" spring loaded lid can be locked
  • LED low battery indicator
  • Vision System recognizes dark or black shell paintballs
  • Z-Board inside for faster feed rates
  • Reinforced feed neck for strength and low profile
  • Available in Black or Smoke

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