Empire Halo S4 Drive Kit

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The Empire Halo S4 Drive Kit replaces not only the drive cone, but the drive wheel beneath the cone as well.Its five paddle vanes are all filleted to the cone. What is not so obvious is that these fillets are at nearly a .68 inch radius. With a curve that is nearly identical to that of a paintball, they don't just push at one point of contact. Instead, when pressing firmly against a ball, they cup nearly an eighth of the paintball's surface. Since the force applied to the surface of the ball is spread over a significantly wider area, the pressure applied is decreased.This feature is designed to not only reduce the risk of the fins breaking, but also decrease the risk of ball breakage by being more gentle on the paint. While no metal is used, both the drive wheel and the drive cone feature a reinforcing ramp behind their spring detents, giving them added strength against breakage.


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