Empire Halo Rip Drive Kit

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The Empire Rip Drive Kit includes everything needed to install a Rip Drive in HALO B including: Installation Instructions Rip Drive Wheel Rip Drive Shaft Rip Drive Retainer Clip

What is RipDrive?

RipDrive is a manual feed mechanism for HALO B. It replaces the mainshaft of the unit and allows manual-preloading of the drive spring.

Who is RipDrive for?

RipDrive was originally conceived for tournament pro paintball players who have to be in the game. It is available to anyone that wants to have a backup system for if their force feed system goes down or their batteries die.

How RipDrive works:

By rotating the ripdrive located on the bottom of the loader, the player can feed multiple paintballs into the ballstack at a time, allowing them to keep playing (at full fire rate!). Depending on the height of your feedneck, you can pre-tension as many as 12-15 balls for firing.

Other Benefits:

When finished playing paintball at the end of the day, rotating the RipDrive in reverse also allows you to easily unload the tensioned ball stack and empty your HALO B. It also allows you unjam bad paint. It can also be used to pre-load balls at the chrono without turning your paintball loader on.


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