Empire Quick Load Lid

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Feed your loader fast as a superhero with the new Quick Load Lid from Empire Paintball. Now you can upgrade your Halo, Reloader, or Magna paintball loader to this low profile-durable flexible entry gate lid. The built in magnets will help keep the lid down and the balls in. The Quick Load Lid system allows you to keep yourself in the game while you reload. Refilling your paintball loader can be tricky, but with Empire Quick Load Lid loading is made simple.

  • Fits Empire Loaders- Scion, Reloader B, B2, Magna, and Empire/Invert Reloader 2
  • Fits Invert Loaders-Halo B, V35 and TOO
  • Low Profile Lid
  • Durable and Flexible Fingers for Fast Loading
  • Quick and Easy to Install
  • Contains Pin & Lid Adapters (Instructions located on inside panel of packaging)

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