B2 Loader Upgrade Board

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Upgrade your Halo B with the Reloader B's 3-Speed programmable Sound-Activated control board.

  • Instant On - Pro board does not have the auto adjusting sound sensitivity that requires a few seconds after power up. Just hit the power button and go.
  • Adjustable Sound Sensitivity - 6 Levels. - Helps detect every shot during rapid firing, increasing BPS. Adjust it to match your marker's volume.
  • Adjustable Motor Speed - Increase your BPS with 3 additional speeds than the standard Reloader B
  • Spring Tension Monitoring - Now you can enable or disable the feature that monitors drive cone spring tension. The motor shuts down after spring is fully wound, this helps prevent ball breaks from overpowering the drive cone. This feature also determines when the drive cone is empty and motor speed is slowed down to help prevent ball breakage when your paintball hopper is very close to empty. This feature will increase battery life and reduce ball breaks.
  • Achieves up to 30+ bps with any color shell paintball.

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