Paintball Lingo


Paintball Terms – Know Your Paintball Lingo


Below are examples of basic calls and techniques used when playing speedball. These are the most used and important calls so you know what to do when you’re in the middle of a paintball game. Learn them and try them out next time you’re out on the field.


Lane Holding

Lane holding on a speedball course is when a paintball player (generally a back or insert player) keeps a steady stream of paint on a specific spot. The goal of holding that lane is keeping the opposing player from advancing up the field. In addition, if a player attempts to get to that spot they have to avoid the lane. By holding the lane it allows your front player to advance up the field before the opposing team does.


OTB (Off the Break) Edging

Edging on a speedball course is when your team puts pressure on the opposing teams back players off the break to allow your team to advance. The shots could be holding a lane or blind shots towards the back bunkers and is more or less cover fire to allow your front players time to move up field.


Blind Shooting

Blind shooting is a technique used to shoot a particular spot that you cannot see in your general field of vision. Players know exactly where the paint is going when they shoot a blind shot, they just can’t see it. This technique attempts to eliminate the opposing player without them knowing where you were shooting from. 



                “He’s in my mirror!” This call is used to let your teammates be aware of where the opposing player is located on the field.  This specific player is located at the same spot where your teammate is.  Since field layouts are the same on both sides, an opposing player could be identically positions to you or mirrored. This call will help on field communication and help your teammates determine locations of opposing players without necessarily seeing them.


Heads up

                Heads up is a term used when a player runs to a specific spot on the field with their marker down. When a player runs with his marker down, and head up it allows them to run faster and make their spot without being eliminated.