Empire TW Harness-React 2+5 Breed Black

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Light and simple but packed with features, the Empire React 2+5 paintball harness is ideal for those small, fast front players who need enough paintballs to get the job done, but need to keep it compact and light! Between elastic loops and two holders, this tiny, lightweight pack can carry as many as seven pods. Pod ejectors and easy-to-grab tabs help you grip, rip and reload quickly, while the heavy duty, adjustable Velcro™ strap is wide and comfortable, even while you’re landing and crawling on it.


  • Medical-grade Velcro™ for the maximum hold and ultimate durability
  • Flexible neoprene belt for minimum restriction
  • Heavy duty stitching
  • Carry between 2 and 7 pods!
  • Available in Black or Woodland Camo

Product Reviews

1 Review of Empire TW Harness-React 2+5 Breed Black

Anonymous says:
Sun, 05/20/2012 - 22:12
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Simple. Comfortable. This harness is perfect for a little guy like me. As I play mostly on an indoor field, I rarely need to reload. The games are fast but it's nice to have that extra ammo when you need to reload. It is quite comfortable and remains in place even when you're running around and making amateurish attempt at pro moves like I do. It's nice to know you can load more that two pods if needed and I certainly will if I do some woodsball.
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