Empire Liquid Hinge Pack ZN 3+6

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Whether you are a front guy or back guy this pack is made for you. Two belt sizes available (S/M or L/XL) with a pod configuration of 3+6. The quick load hinge design allows you to quickly fill your harness without taking it completely off. PVC main construction makes the Liquid Harness not only ultra durable , but also a breeze to clean. This harness contains 3 pod holders and 6 elastic loops to store extra pods if necessary. Carry a total of 9 pods in one harness!

  • Durable straps to hold your pods tight in place
  • Strong elastic bands to propel your pod into your hand upon release.
  • Elastic bands in between each pod harness to hold extra pods
  • Comfort friendly back with extra padding and a rubber front to grip on your back while in play

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