Empire Fast Pack ZN 5

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This pack was designed with X-Ball specifically in mind, not that you can’t wear it during other types of play but if you are playing X-ball you should wear this pack! Available in small/medium and large/extra large.

  • Quick load elastic straps and hideaway pod restraints because we know during agame every second counts
  • A rear neo-stretch pod cover to protect your pods
  • This packs so slim and lightweight you wont even realize you’re wearing one
  • Collapsible design as you pull out and use tubes, the harness actually shrinks toyour profile • Easy Load micro injected pull tabs
  • Patent pending easy to self load hinge design
  • The snug form fitting design allows for unhindered mobility
  • No-slip rubber lumbar pad to lock this pack in place
  • Breathable air mesh construction because running around 90° weather with goggleson is hot enough
  • Central reinforcing support bars

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1 Review of Empire Fast Pack ZN 5

Anonymous says:
Mon, 05/13/2013 - 02:12
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Pack works great, quiet, fast and low profile! Smallest profile of any pack used. Shrinks to body as you pull out pods (no other pack does that). Never had any paint spills (Use good pods and you won't have spills). Holds pods tightly but still easy to remove. Empire has great customer service.
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