Empire Action Pack ZN 4+7

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Whether you are a front guy or back guy this pack is made for you. Our Action Pack is durable and will provide you with a form-fitting design to give all day comfort. Available in small/medium and large/extra large. This harness contains 4 pod holders and 7 elastic loops to store extra pods if necessary. Carry a total of 11 pods in one harness!

  • No-Slip Lumbar pads to keep your harness exactly where you want it!
  • Two extra pod loops added to every pack configuration
  • New Easy-to-grab pull tabs mounted on durable seat belt material pod straps
  • Elastic pod ejectors and polymer insert pod sleeves help you spend less timereloading and more time shooting
  • Silicone pod gripz screened on the inner wall of the elastic pod ejectors
  • The flexible neoprene belt is now thinner at the waistline where you bend, sothere is less restriction.
  • New and improved medical grade hook/loop closure systems this year for themaximum hold available.
  • Heavy duty nylon stitching with Accustitch™ seams

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1 Review of Empire Action Pack ZN 4+7

Anonymous says:
Thu, 09/13/2012 - 16:32
Average: 3 (1 vote)
I had the pack for less than a motnh and already had a huge tear and I only played 3 times. I like the fit but i dont like paying for somthing that cant stand up to a few hard weekends at the field.
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