Vents SuperCoat Antifog Single Lens

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Vents paintball lenses are available separately so that you can customize your Vents Paintball Goggles to meet your individual needs. All paintball lenses in the Avatar, Cylus and Helix and now E-Vent can be swapped easily between models and paintball masks. Get the lens to suit every condition - from amber and clear lenses for low light conditions to mirror and ninja lenses for bright sun or under those stadium lights.

SINGLE - Thermally cured anti-fog and hard coating for optimal clarity. Our anti-fog and hard coat treatments allow us to provide the best optical quality for superior optical clarity and field of vision. This combined with an innovative lens retaining system make for easy cleaning in quick turnaround situations.

  • Fits all versions of Empire paintball goggles including Vents, Avatars, E-Vents, Helix, & Cylus.

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