JT Flex 8 Thermal Goggle

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Exclusive“ dual-fusion” technology has helped us produce a revolutionary exoskeleton that can be found in our Flex-8™ system. This system offers integrated venting on the jaw which has also been strategically designed to encourage deflections and bounces. While the JT Spectra™ Flex-8™ offers a “smaller target” to your opponent than previous Spectra systems, the Flex-8™ goggle still maintains its ability to accept the Vortex II™ fan and other popular JT accessories. The full coverage model protects the top and the back of your head and may also be detached if necessary. All models come with a removable visor.

  • 260° field of vision
  • The Spectra Goggle™ low profile design
  • Performance, comfort and versatility, most upgradable modular mask system in the world

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1 Review of JT Flex 8 Thermal Goggle

Anonymous says:
Sat, 04/06/2013 - 16:22
Average: 5 (1 vote)
great mask. I can hear clearly, there's a lot of venting so it doesn't fog up, I can breath comfortably. This mask fits comfortably and hugs my face. nice field of view. the only small problem is the bottom of my ear shows which isn't a huge deal. you can by a turban or something like that to cover it up if it really matters.
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