Oxford Assult - 2013 Get Sponsored Like a Pro Paintball Team

Team Bio:

Oxford Assault is getting ready to compete as a team for the 3rd season. All returning player but 2 have been with the team since the team was created 3 yrs ago. Oxford Assault has well over 30yrs of paintball experience and we pride ourselves on the fact that we have players that range in age from 16 - 38 yrs old. Oxford Assault has a good name in the paintball community who is always willing to lend a helping hand to a  fellow paintballer, or a field in need of help. 
Oxford Assault is looking to improve our skills even more this year, and keep moving forward in the paintball world. A lot of our players are looking at long term goals of playing on tournament teams that compete in leagues like PSP, and NPPL. Who knows, maybe someday Oxford Assault will compete as a team in one of these leagues.

Without the help of our sponsors a lot of what we do would not be possible, and for them we are truly grateful and look forward to promoting Empire on and off the field this year.
Team Facebook

Team Roster:
Jason Strickler - Manager/Player
Chris Praught - Asst. Manager/Player
Scott Strickler - Captain
Jacob Smith - Player
Kevin Yeandle - Player
Chris Wright - Player
Jeff Faubert - Player
Brandon Strickler - Practice Squad

Planned Events:
ESPL Tournament at Flagswipe Paintball


Sponsoring Store/Field:
Flagswipe Paintball
London, Ontario, Canada


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