Mustangs - 2013 Get Sponsored Like a Pro Paintball Team


Team Bio:

We are a young group of guys in middle school and high school that love the sport of paintball. Every time we play we strive to get better. We give it our all and play to the last man. We are looking forward to representing Empire in our future tournaments. We thank Empire greatly for this opportunity and will represent Empire as best as we can.



Team Roster:

James Jay

Jackson Scott

Nick Craig

Nick Barnett

Stevieray Burks

Nathan Boswell

Joseph Schultz


Planned Events:
Milp Summer Shootout 2013



Sponsoring Store/Field:

Phoenix Paintball

Athens, AL


1 Review of Mustangs - 2013 Get Sponsored Like a Pro Paintball Team

Shawn says:
Tue, 03/12/2013 - 19:10

i am just starting out but i know i show potential to become pro im freshman in texas and wanting to start a team how do i get a sponsoror or how did you get sponsored or how coild i join a team possibly to. My email is please email back im very serious about the sport

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