Lightning Force - Scenario Team

Pro Woodsball - Scenario paingball team - Lightning Force
Lightning Force Paintball Team

Lightning Force is a group of organized paintball players. We play all types of paintball (Big Games, Speedball, Scenario, Hyperball, Sup Air, and woodsball) at different paintball fields along the East Coast of the United States and parts of Canada.  When playing in a situation with less experienced players we encourage and assist them as best we can because we know that they are the future of our sport.

We continue playing the game because of the passion and love we have for it, as well as the joy and camaraderie we receive from it. As a team we look out for each other and always make sure that we and the people around us play safe and have fun. We are always looking for new members, but we do not take in every stray off the street. You must have a fun and easy going attitude and not take life too seriously. We look forward to seeing you at a battlefield in your area.

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