Legendary - 2013 Sponsored Like a Pro Paintball Team

Team Bio:

Formed in 2012, Team LEGENDARY is comprised of players around the Texarkana, Texas and Arkansas area. They pride themselves on good sportsmanship and being great representatives of their home field, Legendary Shooting Sports, and their community. Team LEGENDARY's goals are not only to win tournaments, but also to grow the sport as a whole, whether it's helping young players interested in tournament-style paintball or just helping a group of rec ballers have a good time. These guys have the drive and talent to win, but look to have a good time while doing so!



Owner/Manager  -Jaclyn Gooding

Captain - Chad Peyton

Marshall Gooding

Lance Steed

Tj Reynolds

David Melson

Zach Parker

Robert Foster

Barrett Eaglebarger


Sponsoring Store/Field:

Legendary Shooting Sports

Texarkana, TX




2013 Events:

3 -Man SCPA

1 Review of Legendary - 2013 Sponsored Like a Pro Paintball Team

Austin Jones says:
Tue, 04/09/2013 - 12:53

My teams based out of central Arkansas and we're always looking for a good scrimmage. heres my email if you guys ever need a close team to play huntin_boy95@yahoo.com

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