L.A. Execution - 2013 Sponsored Like a Pro Paintball Team

Team Bio:

We strive for the difficult, thirst for the adverse, and seek the challenge. We play every game with good sportsmanship and light-heartedness. We are usually the first to the field and the last to leave, and try to make a good impression on every field owner, ref, team or players that we encounter.

Team Roster:

Roozbeh Khoshniyat (Manager)
Position: Back

Daniel A. Meza
Position: Far left

Jose Luis Solorzano (Captain and Founder)
Position: Snake

Danny Vera
Position: Snake

Luis Vera
Position: Dorito/open

Fausto Valenzuela
Position: Dorito/snake/back

Eriz S. Lazaro
Position: front / mid both sides

Jonathan Arriaga
Position: Dorito

Andrew Alvidrez
Position Dorito/back/front

Lounard Ong
Position: All/Flxible

Arvic Ong
Position: Front

2013 Events:

NPPL Huntington Beach
NPPL Las Vegas
Upcoming Action Star Games Tournaments
Upcoming WCPPL Tournaments

Sponsoring Store/Field:

Absolute Sports Inc

Gardena, CA


2 Reviews of L.A. Execution - 2013 Sponsored Like a Pro Paintball Team

Chris Jacobs says:
Wed, 02/27/2013 - 08:56

Los Angeles Execution is an awesome team. My brothers and i have played with them @ Hollywood sports in the past, and all of the players that we encountered were cool guys. At first we were a little shy wanting to tag along with them and play because we were just walk ons with rental guns. I hope to see them in the next SOCAL up comming events - YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!

SoCal PB says:
Tue, 03/19/2013 - 22:35

In their first event, this team got a stunning 9th place at the local ASG field tournament before breaking up a week or two after. Unfortunate, they were the next Dynasty.

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