JT US-50 Paintball Pistol (.50 Caliber)


The players have spoken and JT Paintball has delivered once again. The JT US-50 Pistol operates with .50 caliber paintballs and 12-gram C02 cartridges. No batteries required. With a capacity of over 20 rounds and the best air efficiency in its class, the JT US-50 will give you the superior firepower.

Product Details:

  • Powered by 12g CO2 cartridge
  • Semi-Automatic - No batteries required
  • Holds 22 round, 7 in the magazine and 15 in the removable mock scope
  • 50 Caliber Paintballs
  • Includes 1 prefilled C02 cartridge and thirty .50 cal paintballs
  • Cleaning stick and barrel plug


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