JT First Shot Info



What you get:

  • All Equipment and Paint needed to play
  • 1st through 3rd Prizes, Trophies or medals
  • Each player receives a JT First Shot T-Shirt
  • Bonus

o   Free PSP Grandstand tickets for all JT First Shot players. 50% discount for Adults.

o   Pro tips and coaching from Professional Paintball teams including – Infamous, Dynasty, XSV, Impact, 187 Crew, Vicious.

o   APPA Membership

Free Paint Recruitment Incentive

  • Current PSP & NCPA Teams, Paintball Stores, and Paintball fields will receive a FREE case of Empire Ultra Evil for every team that they recruit for the JT First Shot event.
  • To receive the recruitment incentive, your team, store, or field name must be listed when the team you recruit registers for the JT First Shot event.
  • Free recruitment incentive paint will be paid out at the PSP event.
  • Get Involved, Recruit, Get Free Paint, and Grow the Sport!


  • 3 vs. 3
  • Race to 2– (First Team to score 2 points wins the Match)
  • 4 Minute Matches – (Total time to win the Match by scoring 2 points)
  • Minimum of 3 Matches per team
  • Prelims, Semi-Finals, Finals
  • PSP Scoring
  • o   Point Score

    -  A team scores one point each time any active player touches the point flag to the opposing teams starting station.

    -  First team to score 2 points wins the Match.

    o   Round Score

    -  A team scores 2 match points for each match won.

    -  A team scores 1 match points for each match tied.

    -  A team scores 0 match points for each match lost.

    o   For More information go to PSP Events


  • JT SplatMaster

o   No previous paintball tournament experience

o   4 players max per team roster

o   Age Groups

-  12 and under

-  13 and older

o   Equipment – Must use provided event equipment to participate

-  JT SplatMaster z200 Shotgun

-  JT Goggle

-  JT SplatMaster Ammo

-  Quick Load Tube

-  JT SplatMaster Versus Vest

o   Paint Consumption

-  30 balls per player per point

o   Simple Rules – 

-  4 minute matches

-  If a player is hit directly by a ball that player is eliminated

-  If a ball breaks on the bunker and sprays on the player that player is not eliminated 

-  No foul language

-  No Alcohol

-  No physical contact

o   Prizes Per Age Group -

-  1st Place

-  Trophy per player

-  JT SplatMaster z200 Shotgun per player

-  2nd Place

-  Medal per player

-  JT SplatMaster z90 Pistol

-  3rd Place

-  Medal per player




  • Official Coaches can coach from their designated box only.
  • No coaching once their player crosses 50 yard line
  • No counter coaching
  • Spectators are encouraged to cheer, but are not permitted to coach or give advice to players on the field.
  • Use of offensive language is grounds for suspension of coaching privileges.
  • Official Coaches must attend a coaches briefing before each event.


  • Matches judged by experienced PSP certified Referees


Contact Us

1-800-724-6822 ext 239

League Commissioner Rich Telford - rtelford@jtpaintball.com