JT First Shot F.A.Q



Will there be any more of these events?

            -Yes! There will be a JT First Shot event at all remaining PSP events this year. For more information on the dates and locations of these events go to pspevents.com.

How are points scored in this race to 2 format? (Where is the flag located?)

            -Points are scored by an active (live) player picking up a neutral flag in the center of the field and touching it to the opposing team’s starting station. Once this happens, the game clock will stop and two new teams will enter the field.

What is the difference between the SplatMaster and Mechanical Division?

            -The SplatMaster divisions will be using a spring loaded pump marker. Each player in this division will be limited to 30 rounds of ammunition per point. Not only do these markers shoot softer than those used in the mechanical division, but they shoot a smaller caliber paintball (.50).

- The Mechanical Division will be using a semi-automatic marker powered by compressed air. The mechanical markers will shoot harder and be able to shoot faster, resulting in more paint consumption. For this reason, each player will be limited to 50 rounds of ammunition per point. The mechanical markers also shoot a larger caliber paintball (.68).

What safety equipment is provided?

            -SplatMaster division participants will use a JT Z200 Shotgun, JT SplatMaster ammo, a quick load tube for easy reloading, JT protective goggles, and a JT SplatMaster Versus Vest for chest and back protection.

What should my child wear beyond the equipment provided?

            -Beyond the equipment provided, participants should wear athletic pants, a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt, and potentially a hat to cover their head if they choose. Note these are simply recommendations, not requirements. Shorts and a t-shirt are perfectly acceptable. It will also be beneficial to have players on the same team wear the same colored shirt.

Should I worry about my child getting hurt?

            -No. Proper safety equipment is provided for all participants and the SplatMaster markers are spring loaded and will only shoot 160 feet per second making it safe and fun for all ages!

You mention grandstand tickets. Will I be able to watch the first shot tournament for free?

-Yes! The JT First Shot tournament will have its own field that will be free for anyone to view. The grandstands you will need tickets or wristbands to get into are for viewing the Professional field.

What is the benefit of receiving free grandstand tickets?

-The grandstand tickets will give you a first-hand experience of the sport at the top level, where 20 of the best teams from all over the world will be competing throughout the weekend! These tickets normally cost $10/day, but all youth participants in the JT First Shot tournament will receive free access while adults will receive a 50% discount.

Are there any restrictions for the adult participant in the family division?

            -The only restriction is that they do not have an APPA membership; meaning they have no previous serious tournament experience. This is set in place to level the playing field as much as possible for all new players to get the best experience possible.

What are the coaches’ responsibilities? Is any previous experience required?

-The on-field coach for each team will be very beneficial to the players while playing. The coach will be able to communicate with the players on his team as long as they are not on the opposing team’s side of the field. They can provide information such as where opposing players are located on the field, how many opposing players are eliminated, what move is available to make, etc. The coach is essentially an outside pair of eyes to aid his or her team and no real experience is required.

What’s the difference between coaching and counter-coaching?

-Coaching is providing your team with valuable information from the side line, where counter-coaching is providing the opposing team with false information in attempt to aid your team. Counter-coaching is illegal and can result in disqualification.

How can I prepare for the event?

            -The best way to prepare for the event is to get as familiar as possible with the equipment you will be competing with. You can go to your local Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Academy Sports, MC Sports, or Bass Pro Shop to purchase a JT SplatMaster Z200 shotgun and necessary ammunition and safety equipment.