Empire Battle Tested G36 BT-4 Slice & Elite



Does the new Empire Battle Tested G36 BT-4 Slice seem familiar? You should if you’re into COD or familiar with the H&K firearms then that is why. We’ve taken the versatile and robust BT-4 Slice and added a bunch of cool accessories giving it the perfect battlefield look.   Picatinny rails the front shroud and a folding stock make it perfect for close quarters combat. The G36 BT-4 Slice Elite has even more features if you want to shoot fast and far. Own the field with the new Empire Battle Tested G36 BT-4 Slice and G36 BT-4 Slice Elite.

G36 BT-4 Slice

  • Slice hinged body system opens for easy maintenance
  • Tool-less field stripping
  • Folding stock, perfect for Close Quarters Battle
  • Top Picatinny rail for carry or accessories
  • Front and rear fold-down sights
  • T-Handle cocking action


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G36 BT-4 Slice Elite

We added a side-mounted Rip Clip loader, a fast-firing e-grip frame and the famous Apex2 barrel to the already deadly G36 BT-4 Slice. This is a scenario player's dream come true; authentic styling, tool-less field stripping, force-feed loader, adjustable trajectory barrel and a variable mode grip frame

  • Apex2 Barrel
    - Creates ball spin to curve shots onto impossible targets
    - Adjustable ramp switch controls the level of spin
  • Rip Clip Paintball Loader
    - Side mounting does not interfere with your aim
    - Sound activated force-feed loader
    - 3 Adjustable Speed and Sound Settings
    - Holds 200+ paintballs
  •  Electronic Grip Frame

    - Multiple Firing Modes: Semi-Auto, 3-round Burst, Full-Auto
    - Aluminum double trigger



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