Empire Ultra Carbon Air System 56ci/4.5K

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Ultra (def.):  going beyond what is usual or ordinary.  That’s the definition and that’s what our Ultra paintball air tank is.  Our Reactor II regulator has been working great for so many years that it’s hard to replace, we know because we’ve tried.  Ultra consistent, ultra strong, ultra stable.  The best thing about this tank is that once you buy it, you’ll never have to think about another air tank again. 

  • Ultra lightweight carbon fiber tanks
  • Reactor II regulator utilizing proven Pure Energy technology, the leader in stable air flow pressure and efficiency
  • Sturdy nickel plated brass bonnet with threads that don’t strip
  • Dual burst discs for added safety
  • Fully serviceable internals
  • Five year hydro retest cycle
  • Made in the USA
  • DOT/TC and EU/Pi approved tanks


Product Reviews

2 Reviews of Empire Ultra Carbon Air System 56ci/4.5K

Anonymous says:
Sun, 02/17/2013 - 07:15
Average: 1 (1 vote)
I've had nothing but bad luck with Pure Energy/ Empire tanks. I always buy them because i like empire products, even returned a brand new ninja 45 for this tank when it came out. I bought a 68/ 45 Pure energy tank back in 2009 with a reactor III reg. well that tank almost blew on me due to the reg literarily coming apart. I called customer support and they didn't believe me, anad i had to convince them it was messed up. i finally got a replacement, and it had a reactor II reg on it. i wasn't happy. if i wanted a reactor II reg, i would have bought a tank with one. so i literally went to Kee Action Sports in Mantua, NJ and had the tank replaced. Even there they gave me a hard time, since they dont do retail sales there anymore. I sure miss good old National Paintball Supply, those guys were awesome. Well I got the newest tank (the 56/45) with the reactor IV and guess what, this reg came apart too. This time, I took plenty of pictures and had it inspected by the guys over at Quickshot Paintball in Shamong, NJ. (Thanks gents). I called Kee and talked to a guy. WOW, what a rude guy, but thats water under the bridge at this point. Well i finally had this tank replaced, and guess what it came back with, lol. a reactor II, even after i specifically spoke with him and asked him to make sure it had a reactor IV. Not only that, the tank had a huge gouge in it near the neck, that I didn't put there. that really pissed me off, and i called giving him hell and demanding a brand new tank. They wouldn't send me a brand new tank because I didn't have a receipt, but they did send me a refurbished replacement. whatever, it worked. I wasn't even going to write this review until I just went in my gear bag that has been sitting in my finished, temperature regulated basement since about the beginning of august, last year. its now mid feb, my bag hasen't moved or been touched until today and theres a huge crack in the coating of the tank. its literally about 10-12in long. This just might be the straw that has broken the camels back. I've ben buying Empire products for years now, and they are definitely not the same as they used to be. seems like they're driven by money now instead of the passion for the sport, and I'm really sorry to say that and give a bad review. Lock it up Empire.
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Anonymous says:
Mon, 02/18/2013 - 21:05
Average: 1 (1 vote)
i would give this tank a o out of 5 if possible .. actually kinda mad at my dealer when i purchased this tank he didnt tell me about the tanks blowing burst disk all the time .. after replacing two i have now noticed that the tank is cracking around the neck of the regulator .. this tank is garbage and will be the last empire product i will buy
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