Empire Super Freak JR Barrel Kit

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The Empire Super Freak barrel provides a consistently accurate shot for your paintball marker.  The sized aluminum inserts fit the paintball diameter to create the perfect bore-to-paint match, which equates to less paint breakage, greater air efficiency, and greater accuracy.  This Super Freak kit includes a barrel tip to create a 14” barrel and a neoprene case protects all your barrels components and easily slips into your bag when not playing. 


  • Includes barrel tip to create a 14” Barrel
  • Barrel Back fits Autococker barrel threads
  • The (3) Freak inserts create the perfect ball match, increasing air effeiciency and accuracy (.680, .685, .690)
  • An included neoprene barrel bag for protection, that rolls into a small size to not take up space in the bag
  • Available in Polished Black or Dust Black finish

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