Empire Scion Loader - Black

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 The newest edition to the Empire family is the Scion paintball loader.  The Scion incorporates features of our other loaders, the Halo Too and the Prophecy Z2 to create a high-tech middle brother.  Featuring a sensor system and a new drive cone based of the Z2 design and packed into the Halo Too shells, we created a loader that functions like a champ without breaking your wallet.  The best feature is the addition of a tool-less battery door-Yep!- no more screwdriver needed to change batteries.  If the Z2 is our thoroughbred, the Scion is our workhorse.



  • Infrared Break Beam activation
  • New drive cone for more consistent feeding; based off the successful Z2 paintball loader design
  • Self Monitoring Drive Speed, similar to the logic used on the Z2 loader
    • Saves battery life
    • Prevents “Pop-corning” of balls
    • More consistent feeding, so the marker is never starved of paintballs
  • Auto Jam Clearance
    • Scion senses a jammed paintball and reverses to clear the jam
  • 6 Adjustable speed settings
  • Tool-less Battery Door
  • Includes a Rip Drive™ for manual advance or reverse of the ball stack
  • Integrated Freeway Anti-Jam
  • Works very well with Reballs™
  • Compatible with standard Halo accessories and shells, such as the Quick Load lid

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1 Review of Empire Scion Loader - Black

Anonymous says:
Wed, 12/26/2012 - 09:10
Average: 5 (1 vote)
I have this for christmas, looks amazing but the owner manual does not say how many paintballs feeds in each speed, could you send me or tell me where can I get this info? Thanks, Max.
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