Empire Battle Tested THT Universal Tank Pouch - TerraPat Generation 2

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BRAND NEW FOR 2013! The Empire Battle Tested Universal Tank Pouch mounts to MOLLE vest loops either vertically or horizontally. This gives you the ULTIMATE freedom on how you want to configure your gear. This works perfectly with the MERC or Static Vest from Empire Battle Tested! This adjustable pouch fits everything from a 20oz CO2 tank to huge tanks like an 88ci/4.5K. Bungee and Velcro™ straps keep the tank secure when on patrol. This modular pouch has Velcro™ straps and D-rings allowing you to mount the bottle horizontally or vertically for limitless combinations with other Battle Tested accessories. Moving the tank off your gun and onto your back will reduce fatigue and allow you to fight all day long. Protect your air tank by mounting the Empire Battle Tested Universal Tank Pouch and hit the ground running.


  • Vertical or horizontal modular mounting configurations.
  • Fits tank sizes from 20oz CO2 up to 88ci/4.5K.
  • MOLLE mounting straps with Velcro™ and snaps.
  • D-rings & Velcro™ straps to keep tank secure and stable.
  • THT Patterns: E-TACS or Terrapat Generation 2.


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1 Review of Empire Battle Tested THT Universal Tank Pouch - TerraPat Generation 2

Anonymous says:
Thu, 07/18/2013 - 13:48
Average: 5 (1 vote)
i use it all the time with my 64/45 and it holds it firm doesn't shake on my back or anything else i have used before
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