Empire Battle Tested THT 3+4 Pod Pouch - TerraPat Generation 2

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The Empire Battle Tested 3+4 paintball pouch is a must-have accessory for any mission requiring suppressive fire. Easily attached to any MOLLE-equipped loadbearing vest, this paintball pod pouch has 3 strapped-in pod holders and 4 elastic straps to hold up to seven, 140 round pods!  The Empire BT 3+4 paintball pouch is durable, lightweight, and available in camouflage patterns to match any Empire Battle Tested vest!


  • MOLLE straps with snaps and Velcro™ for stability.
  • Plastic inserts add structure and quick access to your pods.
  • Custom EBT micro injected TPR pull tabs for easy access to pods.
  • Holds up to 7 pods.
  • THT Patterns: TerraPat Generation 2 and E-TACS.

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