Empire Battle Tested Vs. Dye Tactical Big Game


PBNation and CPX Sports bring you Empire Battle Tested (EBT) VS Dye Tactical (DT) Mini games.

Choose Your Side!


Date: Saturday June 22nd   10 AM EST

Where: CPX Sports Joliet IL

Cost: $20 for all day play and air. Admission is FREE for CPX Members, PSP ID Card holders, CPL ID Card Holders, and Living Legends 6 Badge Holders. Please bring the card with you in order to redeem your free admission.

Paint: Empire RPS All-Star special event pricing

HOW THE GAME WORKS – Everyone will stage on our concrete pad where our stage is. Everyone will be split into a team of 25 or so and will be playing for either EBT or DT. Each team will be numbered such as DT #2. The game announcer will call up what team is playing and who against. Such as EBT #1 will be playing BT #1 on Wastelands. Whichever team wins, the score of 1 will be added to the total EBT or DT score.  We will have multiple fields going at the same time.

Each game will have an objective and 2 games will be played on that field back to back.  Each game will be approximately 10-15 minutes in length.

  • Elimination: Standard elimination. After the round is over, the team with the most live players will be awarded the point. If a tie happens, each team will be awarded 1 point.
  • Capture the Flag: Center Flag style and you must hang in your opponents base. If you flag is hung in the allotted time, then the whoever holds the flag at the end will be awarded the point.
  • King of the Hill: This will be played on our Jungle of Doom field only. Whichever team controls the top of the Temple at the end of the game will be awarded the point.
  • Scavenger Hunt: 5 items will be hidden on the field. This will be donations from DYE or Empire with goodies in a pod. Whichever team finds the most will be win the point. They must be returned to your base to count.

There will be 2 large battles that will take place at 12:00 and 3:00. This will be all the teams combined into one for each side. For these 2, we will also be mixing in our standard open players too. Only one game will be played and whoever wins will be awarded 2 points.

The last games will go out at 5:00pm on Saturday. After the event, then scores will be calculated and the winner announced on webcast on Sunday.