E-Flex - Product Test Pilot Program


Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle SystemThank you for your interest in testing our new e-Flex paintball goggle.

Our promotion has ended. The goggle is now available.

The all new Empire e-Flex Paintball Goggle is one of the latest innovations by Empire Paintball. Combining the best features of each goggle into one creating the most anticipated and requested hybrid paintball masks of all time.

The Empire e-Flex Paintball Goggle combines features from the JT Proflex, one of the most popular paintball masks in the industry that’s been used by beginners to pros for over 20 years. The patented flexible rubber mask provides optimum air flow and voice projection while giving the added benefit of being able to bounce paintballs. JT Proflex goggles have been touted to be the most comfortable mask – mainly because of the high quality foam that was used. The e-Flex utilizes the same super comfy foam that made the Proflex legendary.

The other half of the e-Flex paintball goggle has been ripped from the Empire E’Vent mask. The E’Vent Paintball Goggle has been one of Empire Paintball’s best selling paintball mask due to its quick change lens system. Infusing this lens system with the Proflex skirt and super comfy foam makes a truly formidable goggle.

Empire Paintball took the e-Flex one step further and built it to be backwards compatible with Proflex skirts and Spectra frames. So if you can’t give up your old-school pink Proflex skirt that you traded somebody for 10 years ago, you don’t have to. Just strap them onto your new e-Flex lens system for a quick-change option you’ve been asking for, and we’ve delivered.