Double Tap - Get Sponsored Like a Pro 2013 Paintball Team


Team Bio:

We are a great group of guys who love the sport on and off the field! We love the competition and are always up for a good game! Sportsmanship is important to us, so whether we win or lose spirits stay high in our camp and to our opponents J


Team Roster:

Captain: Rory “Knobshot” Holland

Pieter “Noob” Jacobs

Gert “G-Spot” Nel

Jacques “Jay” Verster

Antony “Miyagi” Gaitenelis

Aidan “Young One” Chamberlain

Dawid “Bunkerleech” Jansen van Rensburg.


Planned Events:

We will be playing in the NPL league (Nova Paintball League) 3 man in 2013

We will also be playing in the SARPL 5 Man in 2013

As well as any other unplanned tournaments that are hosted.


Team Website/Facebook:


Sponsoring Store/Field:

Blades & Triggers

Boksburg, South Africa

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