The Complete List of Empire Paintball AXE Men

Be Prepared to be Axed!

Empire Paintball has always been a brand associated with quality and winners. This season will be no different!

Empire has reached out to support paintball players across all divisions of tournament paintball, where we have built a true paintball family.

For those that are not part of the FAM... You better watch who you mess with. You mess with one you of us, you mess with the whole family.

We walk softly but carry an AXE!!!!

The Empire Family will be hitting the 2011 Tournament Series looking to make Sunday a 'Giv'n'.

This is the World Premier of all the Empire AXE MEN!




    • Union
    • Assault
    • Louisville Sluggers
    • Team VCK


      • Critical Wrecking Crew
      • Toxic
      • Minions
      • No Limit
      • Annihilators
      • Blitzkrieg


      • Dark Carnival
      • Team LSD
      • ECE

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