Common Paintball Misconceptions


Misconception 1

Paintball is dangerous and you could get hurt!

One of the main misconceptions people have of paintball is that it’s dangerous and painful! Safety is vital and extremely important to players of all levels as well as field owners. Safety is also touted as the most important aspect of the game. There are frequent reminders on and off the field of proper paintball goggle usage, barrel blockers and safety mechanisms. Players are the first to let everyone know to keep your goggles on, use your safety and barrel blocker. It is important to wear you protective mask before proceeding onto the field. As for what paintball feels like, it is compared to a "sting" or "pinch", leaving a small bruise or welt. By wearing an extra layer of clothing, baggy clothes or protective padding specifically made for paintball can reduce the feeling of being marked with a paintball.


Misconception 2

Paintball is violent and aggressive.

People tend to think that paintball is violent because of the act of marking someone with a paintball marker (gun). In actuality paintball is a sport that builds team skills, sportsmanship and camaraderie. Paintball is both fun and athletic. In addition the community around paintball has a very strong bond, and for the most part players are concerned with building the game, making it safe and having fun. Joining the paintball community allows you to make many friends and memories that last a lifetime. With proper knowledge and by following safety guidelines, paintball is a safe and fun sport for players of all levels!


Misconception 3

Paintball is a “war game” for people to play in the woods.

Paintball originated as the “National Survival Game”  held in 1982.  Paintball over the years has developed different formats of play. Woodsball and Speedball are the two main formats people participate in.  Paintball is not only used for recreational or tournament play, but also as scenario simulations for law enforcement, and military agencies. The concept of “war games” generally comes from woodsball and battle reenactments held at different fields. However, many times paintball in the woods is as simple as two teams going head to head in an athletic challenge.


Misconception 4

Paintball is only for males.

Although the majority of paintball players is predominantly male, the game is not favored to either male or female. Many of the initial fears of beginners are reasons why some female players aren’t willing to get in the game. Between bruises and welts and the unknown level of discomfort from being hit is enough to turn many potential players away. Added is the predominant male presence and many females aren’t ready or willing to get out there. Despite initial hesitation, once someone gets out on the field and experiences the fun and adrenaline rush of the game, they can’t wait to get back out on the field and experience it all over again. There are also all female teams that participate in tournaments. If you have initial hesitations, get out and give it a try. You’ll be surprised how all the negative factors go out the window once you’re having fun.


Misconception 5

Woodsball is better than Speedball or vice versa?

Woodsball and Speedball are two different types of play for the game of paintball. The major difference between the two is speedball is played on a flat field with inflatable bunkers, while woodsball is played as expected-in the woods. Although neither type of format is ‘better’ than the other, it’s all a matter of preference for the player. Many paintball players play both types of formats. Although they may have a favorite type – the game is similar and the level of fun for both is high. If you’re more into a fast paced game that ends within minutes, speedball may be the type of format you want to play. If you want to play a slower paced game, with more detailed strategy tactics, woodsball may be the better format for you. Regardless of what type you prefer to play, both formats involve communication, teamwork, athleticism, and having fun! So get out and play the format that’s right for you!