Brass Eagle Paintball

Brass Eagle Paintball - Empire Paintball Legacy BrandThe origin of Brass Eagle can be directly traced back to Daisy Manufacturing, the renowned maker of air rifles like the Red Ryder BB gun.  During the 1970’s, Daisy manufactured a device called the “Splotchmarker” which fired an encapsulated ball of paint.  It was used by various industries like ranching and forestry to mark and identify cattle and trees for later identification.  Daisy had a contract with the Nelson Paint Company to manufacture supply the markers, where they sold them commercially and supplied the paint capsules.  It didn’t take long before the idea occurred that people could shoot paint at one another and mark the hits.  The sport of paintball was born and quickly grew in participation.

In 1993, a new company called Brass Eagle emerged onto the paintball business landscape.  Daisy ended its relationship with Nelson and signed an agreement to manufacture, market, and distribute paintball products with Brass Eagle and expand the sport.  With a few years of profound growth and the maturation of the industry, Daisy purchased the intellectual property of Brass Eagle, absorbing them into Daisy Manufacturing.  The paintball industry had grown from a reported annual of $5 million in 1993 to $250 million by 1997.  That year, the board of Daisy decided to change the corporate name to Brass Eagle and take the company public to fully paintball.  They spun off the air rifle business as the Daisy Manufacturing Company, which would remain a separate, private company.

In 1999, Brass Eagle acquired CM Support, Inc., a manufacturer of paintball accessories (Viewloader) to expand their product offering and make Brass Eagle the only manufacturer to offer a full line of merchandise.  This allowed them to further expand their business into to mass retailers and enjoy further growth.  The following year, Brass Eagle acquired JT USA, LP, a leading manufacturer of masks, soft goods and other paintball products.  In 2003, Brass Eagle was bought by K2 Inc, which in 2004 puchased WGP and combined all their paintball brands to simplify operations.  K2 Inc now owned the  Brass Eagle, JT, Viewloader and WGP paintball brands.

In 2010, Jarden sold their paintball brands to KEE Action Sports, maker of the paintball brands RPS, Evil, XO, Pure Energy, Invert, Empire, Extreme Rage and Halo, creating the largest paintball company in the industry.  KEE Action Sports consolidated their many brands and decided to discontinue making any products under the Brass Eagle name.

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