Biloxi Kill Shot - 2013 Sponsored Like A Pro Paintball Team


Pictured (from left to right): Logan Heath, Chris Rome, Andrew Torres, Matt Brown, and Eric Vuycankiat

Not Pictured: Mya Knuth, Tee Priest, and Bret Matsuba,


Paintball Team Bio

Having been established in 2012, Biloxi Kill Shot (commonly referred to as, “BKS”) is fairly new to the paintball tournament scene.  BKS started out as a group of guys that met for the first time on their local paintball field, SWAT Paintball in Ocean Springs, MS.  These guys discovered they had the same desire to practice hard and compete in paintball tournaments.


Team Roster

Logan Heath

Chris Rome

Matt Brown

Eric Vuycankiat

Andrew Torres

Christian Vechionne

Daryl Rouse

Harris Jones

Corey Duncan

Jeff Green

Thang Hoang

Thieu Hoang

Mya Knuth


2012 Events

APGOB Winter Tournament (1st Place)

PSP Chicago Open

A.C.E.S. Series Tournament

Alliance Tournament (2nd Place)

PSP World Cup

LAX Tournament (1st Place)

1 Review of Biloxi Kill Shot - 2013 Sponsored Like A Pro Paintball Team

Jimmie Page says:
Wed, 02/27/2013 - 14:36

BKS is a solid team, gave their all against the top two teams in the SCPA series last weekend! Look forward to play these guys again

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