Basic Equipment

Basic Paintball Equipment is as follows:

The Paintball Marker

- Uses CO2 or compressed airto propel paintball at 280 feet per second - Markers are mechanical (single trigger pull fires one ball), electronic (single trigger pull can send balls continuously) - Barrel plugs/blockers are ALWAYS included and a safety requirement at ALL fields

The Loader (aka: Hopper)

- The loader feeds paintballs to the marker - Loaders are gravity (gravity feeds the balls), agitator (a paddle “agitates” the balls so they fall faster), force-feed (the sound of the marker firing or “eye” seeing pushes another ball to the marker) or RF (radio waves between loader and marker – these are higher end)

The Goggle (aka: Mask)

- Provides complete protection to your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and sometimes the back of the head. - Players are required to wear during play and when on the playing field. - Masks have variations in flexibility, lens, and overall size and protection.

The Air Tank

- Air tanks store the CO2 or compressed gases that propel the paintballs out of the marker. - Strict ASTM guidelines are adhered to for the production of tanks. - Burst disks are built in to release the gas safely in the case of any failure.


- A non-toxic capsule filled with water-soluble dye used as the projectile in the sport. - Balls have a shell that breaks on impact and leaves a visible paint splatter. - In essence, a paintball is a sophisticated E Vitamin.

Protective Clothing

- Includes padded pants, jersey’s, gloves and under protective that are durable and lessons the impact of paintballs. - For new participants, loose fitting clothes and sweatpants type material in a neutral or dark color is best to create a buffer from the impact

The Paintball POD

- These are rigid tubular plastic containers that hold paintballs.

The Harness

- These are worn around the waist and hold the pods of paintballs, with some holding also a player’s air tank.

Paintball Starter Kit

- The Paintball Ready to Play Kits (RTP Kits) have everything you need to play paintball for the first time. These complete kits include a paintball marker, goggles, tank, hopper, squegee, and even paintballs.

  1. JT ER2 Marker Paintball Kit
  2. JT Raider Marker Paintball Kit
  3. JT Outkast Marker Paintball Kit
  4. JT Tactical Marker Paintball Kit